Qt Quick Components Competition is Over: Winners announced – To be awarded with Nokia 808 PureView 41MP Camera Phone


Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1:
Winners will receive Nokia 808 PureView


Remember the Symbian Qt Quick Competition held for developers sooner after the official announcement of Nokia 808 PureView? Well that’s over now and the winners have been announced. It’s really gonna be unbelievable for the winners that they will receive brand new Nokia 808 PureView as soon as they are available.

Total of three winners were selected from a shortlisted applications as per the criteria of the competition.

Many of the apps had innovative and elegant UIs, however they were using the components in ways that resulted in unexpected and/or unintuitive app behaviour. From the initial set we were able to refine the list down to a shortlist that used the Qt Quick components correctly and appropriately, and mixed with custom components where these were needed.
We selected the following winners from this initial set. While all the apps in our shortlist had some merit, the winners succeeded in creating a consistent experience that is well matched with that of the phone platform. The app ideas were nice, and the navigation structures and logic intuitive.

Congratulations to the winner apps which will surely be lovely products by their developers who soon will get awarded with Nokia 808 PureView.

Following are the apps on top three positions (in no order)

Codice Fiscale

CodiceFiscale is an app that allows users to calculate their Italian Tax ID code, also known as “Codice Fiscale”.


Tourschall is a location-senstive audio tour guide app.

Farmácias de Serviço

Farmácias de Serviço is an application for locating near-by pharmacies.


Note: apps can be downloaded from the source below.

[source Nokia Developers]

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