Nokia officially announced 808 PureView for North America – via Amazon for $699


808 PureView Unlocked
at Amazon for $699 This Week

Finally Nokia has officially announced the Nokia 808 PureView for the consumers in United States. Even when Nokia and its Symbian OS has not been accepted in United States since the first iPhone came to market in 2007, the consumers in the region, as well as globally, did appreciate the 41 megapixels camera in Nokia 808 PureView regardless of its Symbian platform. Many also wished it to be a Windows Phone rather than a Symbian. But for the consumers who really prefer the the superb massive camera in Nokia 808 PureView did want it to come to their home country as they will buy it right away. Nokia Conversations stated that Nokia is responding to consumers interest and going to launch the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone in the United States.

With no carrier contract, Nokia 808 PureView will be available Unlocked for $699 USD through later this week for pre-sale. The phone will be used with a compatible SIM card from AT&T. It will also work with T-Mobile but unfortunately only at 2G speeds as the US version of Nokia 808 PureView is not going to have WCDMA Band IV (1700) that T-Mobile operates on. That I believe is big miss-out of consumers who would like to buy. You can signup here to get notified when the pre-sales starts.

Nokia 808 PureView was already listed under North America in Nokia’s regional listing.


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