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Windows Phone ad encourages iPhone and Android users not to fight, rather switch

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There may be doubts about Windows Phone OS being performed good globally even when the largest hardware manufacturer Nokia have joined in the making, but in the phase of advertising Microsoft hasn’t stopped and yet released a TVC which is actually offensive to the ones belong iOS and Android smartphone users. (The ad video is after the jump)

The ad targets directly the iPhone and the Samsung community where the story plots with a wedding ceremony having wedding couple on stage and the invitees partitioned seated in two columns(groups). Those two parted groups of people actually are the iPhone users at one side and the other side obviously is the Samsung users.

Title of the ad “Don’t fight, switch to Nokia Lumia 920” exactly fits the story, where at a moment the people take their phones out and try getting ready to take pictures when an iPhone user speaks up asking a Samsung user holding a bigger Galaxy Note (probably) to move away his enormous phone. It’s when starts an insulting arguments war between the fanboyism and then changes into real fight pushing each others away and punches and slaps.

That’s when two servers (waiters) a lady and a man holding their Nokia Lumias and talking about it in their positivity while shooting the fight with Lumia’s camera when the Windows Phone slide appears with the text “Don’t fight. Switch” and then following “Nokia Lumia 920”


Well, in advertising, such ads have always been made where rather presenting with the features of the main product, other unrelated things are focused with the competitors’ products. Technically this type of advertisement hardly accepted in media but mostly accepted and liked among the users of any product whether they like the subjected product or the offended product. Many however dislike depending on their humor power. If recalling, Samsung has done the same a lot of times in their ads where they have focused iPhone adaptation in an offensive manner.




If talking about the acceptance of the ad, we can tell the huge audience has accepted it in a positive manner of humor with positive comments. But the purpose of any advertisement, which only is to help increase the sale, is still to know yet. We’ll see if this ad helps Microsoft getting sale push of their Windows Phone devices.

What do you think anyway?

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