Nokia EOS – Lumia with 41 Megapixels may be coming on July 11th Nokia Launch Event



Nokia has announced an official launch event being held on July 11th in New York City. Following the speculations about Nokia EOS, the original 41 Megapixel PureView Lumia smartphone, a hint has been thrown publicly from the officials – Nokia Conversations. It obviously is a big teaser from the Finish manufacturer letting the blogosphere have more healthy talk over the improved edition of PureView with original 41MP sensor in Lumia smartphone series.

The recent official teaser gives a clue mostly focused on the number 41. It’s titled as “41 million” reasons to “zoom in” to Nokia Conversations. Where “41 million” reasons to zoom itself refers to the “41 mega” pixels to zoom. Or whatever derivation of you make from it, it does refers to the original PureView title. But still it’s will only be a guess if it would be the Lumia we are talking about.

So let a couple of weeks get passed and see what Nokia has for the smartphone world. If it’s the original 41 megapixels sensor on Lumia smartphone with even capabilities like Optical Image Stabilization, the sure it’s the smartphone what most of the tech world would have expected from the Finish maker.

Nokia EOS – Lumia with 41 Megapixels! What opinion do you have about it? Do tell us in the comments below.

Update: As we reserved our thoughts about Lumia + 41MP above. That can be said as verified as well as Windows Phone’s facebook fan page has posted the same teaser proving the relevance of those 41 million reasons (or 41 megapixels) to a Windows Phone platform (on Lumia for sure). We really are having our eyes open till the launch day.

[source: Nokia Conversations]

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