“Lumia Amber” software update Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 rolls out in Pakistan

Amber Nokia ProCam
Amber Nokia ProCam

Nokia Pakistan releases a press document announcing that the Lumia Amber software update for Windows Phone 8 devices has started rolling out in Pakistan for the devices including Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 while Lumia 720, 620 and 520 will be receiving the update by the end of September.

The status of the Lumia Amber software update availability in the region has also been updated on Nokia Support website.

Prominent new apps and features in Nokia Lumia Amber update include Improved Image Processing, Nokia Smart Camera app, Nokia Pro Camera app, Nokia Video Trimmer app, Nokia Video Upload app supporting YouTube upload feature. The apps will be available from Store after updating to Lumia Amber. Image and Video apps with camera capabilities are device dependent e.g. On the Nokia Lumia 720, 620 and 520, the burst mode used in Nokia Smart Camera for some effects takes seven pictures rather than ten, and these are a lower resolution than on devices with more RAM.

Another feature taken from the Nokia’s own root, Symbian and then MeeGo powered Nokia N9, the big clock along with other useful information and indicators while the phone is inactive or sleeping. The Nokia Glance Screen is the new feature coming to Lumia devices with the Lumia Amber update which shows a big clear clock on the screen

The screen shows a big, clear clock. When your phone is charging (or if the battery is critically low), it shows a battery indicator. And it shows a vibrate icon if you’ve switched your phone to silent. If you’ve turned vibrate off as well, it will show a plain ‘silent’ icon (as in the picture above).

Nokia Glance screen is controlled from the ‘display and touch’ section of the Settings menu.

We’ll come with a review of the changes in Lumia Amber in a few days after evaluating the update.

Press Release

Karachi – 29th August, 2013: The new Nokia Lumia Amber software update for Windows Phone 8 is now available in Pakistan for the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, while users of the Nokia Lumia 720, 620 and 520 will get the update by the end of September this year. The update delivers a wide range of new and improved features and apps, like Nokia Glance Screen with the standby clock and even better imaging experience for Nokia Lumia owners.Speaking about the new update, Arif Shafique, country general manager, Nokia Pakistan & Afgahnistan said, “The WP8 momentum is building and Nokia is charging ahead with the Lumia series. The availability of the Nokia Lumia ‘Amber’ update in Pakistani market reflects our commitment to build a winning ecosystem that will enrich people’s mobile experience and help them connect with each other through newer avenues. The Amber update will further invigorate brand Nokia amongst this generation of smartphone users, and provide them with a richer experience.”

Nokia Lumia Amber builds upon the latest update for Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft. In itself, this provides a number of significant additions to the already powerful imaging technology:

Improved image processing

The update brings significantly improved algorithms that offer better noise reduction, colour reproduction, exposure control and autofocus to every phone across the Lumia range. On the Nokia Lumia 920, the update allows for controls to adjust the ISO settings of the camera from 800 to 3200 for even better low light performance.

Nokia Smart Camera

This new camera app is ideal for taking pictures involving people and movement. Once the Lumia Amber is updated on the phone, then the app will be downloadable from the Windows Store.

The app brings a slew of different options – use Best Shot to find the sharpest image from a series of 10; combine several shots of people in movement into one with Action Shot; heighten the appearance of speed by blurring the background with Motion Focus; create ideal group shots by choosing the best faces from a series with Change Faces, or remove unwanted objects from your pictures.

On top of the Lumia Amber update, the newly announced Nokia Pro Camera will be available for Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 925. Pro Camera is more than just an app; it’s a completely re-imagined user interface that lets you take full control of the imaging process and helps to unlock all your creative potential.

Once users have taken great videos, they can edit them fast with the Nokia Video Trimmer app which will be available on Windows Store once the phone is updated.

Other significant updates which take the user experience to a whole new level include a FM radio (not available in the Nokia Lumia 620), a Nokia Glance screen which brings a clock to the screen when the phone is inactive, along with indicators to show battery level when running on a low battery or the phone is charging, and whether your phone is set to ‘silent’(not available in the Nokia Lumia 520), a couple of new gestures – double-tap the screen in standby to wake the phone and flip-to-mute-ringer capability, the new Storage Check tool which will show how much storage is used for apps, media files and the system, and Data Sense app which will automatically update to tell how much cellular and Wi-Fi data the phone has used, giving a breakdown of which apps and features are using the most data to deliver the best performance while staying within the data limits. Additionally, The google Sync will allow the Nokia Lumia WP8 users to synchronise email, contacts, and calendar with Google and other services that support the updated protocols.

This improved update will allow Nokia Lumia WP 8 users enjoy enhanced features and options for a truly versatile and smarter smartphone experience.

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