Nokia Camera now available for download – Replaces Nokia Pro Cam on Windows Phone Store



In Abu Dhabi during Nokia World event, Nokia announced a bunch of apps which will be reaching Windows Phone in coming weeks as well as a few of them already available on Windows Phone store. In the mean while Nokia Camera has been quick enough to replace Nokia Pro Cam on Windows Phone store.

We have recently finished and published a camera review of Nokia Lumia 925 covering Nokia Pro Cam in detail, you must read that. The newly announced app “Nokia Camera” has just vanished the Nokia Pro Cam completely from the Windows Phone Store.

Quick visual difference is that the top feature bar and the right camera mode wheel. The top feature bar now shows only an auto mode by default with a flash switch option and gives the more ‘>’ option to switch the feature bar with the pro functions as they were in original Nokia Pro Cam.

wp_ss_20131022_0007 wp_ss_20131022_0008

Default “Auto” mode is just quick preset of all the options set at auto for user’s comfort.

The auto mode makes it easy for anyone to capture great images with ease, and provides quick access to sport and night controls. And when you want to create that perfect composition, manual mode offers controls for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus.

wp_ss_20131022_0011 wp_ss_20131022_0010

Additionally the Nokia Smart Cam features have also been added into the new Nokia Camera app so that you won’t need to install Nokia Smart Cam separately. However the Nokia Smart Cam is still at from Windows Phone Store for the devices which will not be compatible with Nokia Camera app.


The camera mode switches on the right now provides an additional switch “Smart mode”. Before, in Nokia Pro Cam, there were only two switches “Still Mode” and “Video Mode”. The new smart mode brings the whole Nokia Smart Cam experience in front.


Download Nokia Camera app

Download Nokia Camera from Windows Phone Store

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