Nokia Lumia 925 PureView – Unboxing and First Impressions in Pakistan


Another unboxing session for today is the 2nd last PureView branded Nokia Lumia 925 which was launched before the pioneer Lumia 1020. In Pakistan the Nokia Lumia 925 made a debut in the market when Nokia Pakistan officially announced about the smartphone a week earlier.

Nokia Lumia 925 is the latest flagship of Nokia which is yet officially available in Pakistan and we look from here at the global latest flagship giant camera smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 to see when it’s coming to the country. Anyway, we are currently with the Nokia Lumia 925 which is considered the best camera phone globally especially when shooting in low light of course after Lumia 1020. We are going down to open the box to see what we get inside the package.

You can just see the standard blue box packaging of Lumia 925 with the model name/number printing and the available color devices prints along side. The major features and hardware components are mentioned on the box.

The different thing I saw in the box was the ribbon tab to pull the drawer out of the box. Normally we have seen the tab just part of the box. Taking the drawer out, reveals the premium wrapping of the device with with lying onto the upper slot.

The tray under the device contains the detachable pocket of the transparent paper with SIM card slot key, which is used to push in the SIM card slot hole in the device to get the slot out to insert the SIM card.

Picking up the top tray, an envelop containing the user manual/guide resides covering the compartments under it parting the headphones travel charger with the standard USB connector and a data/charging cable.

Following is the break down of all the box content.

The retail price of Nokia Lumia 925 is Rs. 53,900/- You can check the full specifications of the device along with the features you won’t find in the Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 925 is the complete new design from Nokia which replaces the repeated design of Nokia N9 and Lumia 900/800 that appeared again in Lumia 920 with fully polycarbonate unibody. Unlike that Nokia chose a different but still stylish and premium design for Nokia Lumia 925 with polycarbonate back panel and aluminium body frame with black cuts on top and bottom sides. You must have seen them in the iPhone 4S.

We just have seen in the Lumia 625’s first impressions, the djuice boot logo. With Lumia 925 we just discovered that Mobilink has also put in the boot logo but in addition the Mobilink specific content has also been included with the factory restore. All the content gets in place when you reset the device means you don’t loose it.

I just could have seen myself the Mobilink ringtone and wallpapers as well as the boot logo/splash screen in the Lumia 925. It also features the bookmarks for Mobilink website & MobiMusic webpage. In addition Mobilink has some more for you on the purchase of the device

  • 1000 on-net minutes
  • 1000 SMS
  • 1GB internet (90 day validity)
  • 90 Days Mobi Music Free trial

We are just testing Nokia Lumia 925 in the house before we post a full review of the device. You can ask anything you want about the device you want to discover. We’ll try to get you an answer.

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