[How To] Install Nokia’s Z Launcher on Rooted Android Devices


You probably already know about Nokia’s new app launcher, the Z Launcher for Android devices. Which was released recently and for the moment, Z Launcher has only been optimized for the Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Moto X, HTC One, and Sony Xperia Z1. Unfortunately it’s officially not supported on rooted devices even if it is compatible. Here is the way how you could install Z Launcher on your rooted Android device.


Well we have found a way that if you have a compatible device but have it rooted. There is a simple way to install and get Z Launcher running on your Android device.

Step 1: Download and Install Z Launcher

  • Z Launcher is currently available in pre-beta release and can be downloaded zLauncher.apk from (Z Launcher website) or (here mirror link).
  • Make sure you have enabled installing apps from Unknown Sources.
    TIP: Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Now Install the zLauncher.apk you have just downloaded.

For non-rooted Android devices, that is it. Z Launcher should get running on your Android device if it’s not rooted. Rooted devices, at this stage, will show error message “We are not currently supporting rooted devices”.


To get Z Launcher running on your rooted device follow the steps below.

Step 2: Download and Install Xposed Framework

  • Download the Xposed application on your rooted Android device and install it.
  • Run the app and install Xposed Framework. Follow on screen instructions. The device will reboot to complete installation.
    xposed-framework-1 xposed-framework-2

Step 3: Download RootCloak Module

Simple introduction to RootCloak is that it hides/overrides the root flag when any app tries to detect if the device is rooted or not.

So after completing step 2, once the device boots up back, run the Xposed app from the launcher and do as follows.

  • Select “Download” on the main page and search for “RootCloak”. Tap on the result on the list below (2nd screen). That choose navigate to the “Versions” tab and “Download” the latest stable release and then install it from the same interface.
    rootcloak-1 rootcloak-2 rootcloak-3
  • Now open RootCloak and choose “Add/Remove Apps” from the list.
  • Tap on the big “+” icon on top right corner.
  • Scroll through the list and look for Z Launcher (com.nokia.Z). Just tap on it.
    rootcloak-entry-1 rootcloak-entry-2 rootcloak-entry-3

After completing step 3 above, you will need to restart your device one more time. And once the device boots up back, the Z Launch should work when you run it.

Downloadable Stuff in this article:
  • Download zLauncher.apk
  • Download Xposed application
  • Xposed Framework (will be installed from within the Xposed application Step 2)
  • RootCloak (will be downloaded and installed from Xposed application Step 3)



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