Z Launcher – Nokia’s new Android App Launcher



While, it’s now a date when Nokia device unit has been acquired by Microsoft, but development on the Android side does not seem to be at pause anywhere. Z Launcher is the new app launcher from Nokia for Android devices but not only its own cheap Android phones. It will work on almost every Android smartphone from any other manufacturer.

Practically, Z Launcher is the quickest way to access anything on your phone while providing an individual experience to everyone of you based on what apps you use the most.

The more you use it, the better it gets. And it all changes depending on the time of day.

Launchers like that are already available for Android devices but this one actually impress us with the ability to draw on the screen. Drawing a letter “C” will quickly bring up a list of apps and contacts starting with that letter. That’s actually just a quick search but doing that way seems pretty quick and simple.


Z launcher is currently a limited pre-beta release and anyone can use it by visiting the zlauncher website on your Android phone, sign up with your Google account, then download and install the zLauncher.apk. The download may not be available if your device is not supported in anyway. But it won’t work on rooted devices – however there are workarounds for that situation too.

How do you find the new Z Launcher from Nokia? Do tell us below in the comments.


Source: Z Launcher

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