One day with Zong – 4G demonstration at their headquarter


Zong has been trying hard to bring excellence in their services for their valued customers. They have shown successful achievements in same regard as well. 3G services in Pakistan are one of the things which have been awaited the most but 4G services also came along when back in April the authority auctioned for the licenses and Zong got their hands on it very first for millions of dollars of course to facilitate their customers with 4G services as well as the world known 3G services.

First thing first! Unlike before, this was not a launch event of any product or service as we supposed earlier. The event was focused more on demonstrating its futuristic services to the guest bloggers from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad to help them understand importance of 4G in consumers lives.


A biometric SIM registration device was introduced to the guests where they were able to get the SIMs, provided to them, registered themselves with the help of their national ID cards (NIC) – interestingly some were not lucky enough to do that as they had already ended up with their SIM registration capacity of 5 SIMs per NIC.

The inside tour of the Zong headquarter was also fascinating. It was pleasurable to see the staff there busy in their jobs. They visited the call center as well.


4G presentation gone well with the demonstration after arrival at the Zong Headquarter. Zong team then gave a tour of the headquarter and let the guests interact with employees and staff at Zong to make them familiar with their organisation.

Guests (bloggers) were then taken to F1 Traxx in the capital and offered for racing against each other. Eating was also the part of the gathering. Later a wonderful dinner at PM Lounge was offered to the guests.


As we were expecting a 4G services launch and trail start, which all went wrong at once but the day spent with the Zong was very pleasurable at itself as it was a great surprise for the bloggers to get entertained and enjoy the day at their full capacity.

It was really lovely to spend a day with a telecom company and know their internal matters and meet their employees who being a team offer their customers the great mobile services which we had known in our personal space that never was beyond the usage of mobile phone services.


Thanks Zong for that wonderful day. We still hope to have 4G services as soon as possible. You guys at Zong really need to bring it on and bring it quick to show what you have got at your best.


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