Windows Phone support for “Rooms” to end in March 2015


“Rooms” – a groups-like feature from Windows Phone is going to be vanished with upcoming software updates after March 2015, as it couldn’t build its importance to the consumers.

The feature was first introduced with the launch of Windows Phone 8 and was provided as a part of People hub. They were used to work like groups and the users could keep their chat conversations, store or share photos within the rooms. Like wise the they could with the notes and calendars. The reason to remove this feature is obvious as it really could not make users benefit from it.

The company states they are making way for new features in their most waited software update Windows 10 for phones.

We’re making way for new features in Windows 10 that will help you stay in touch with the people that matter most.

Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 users will still see their existing rooms on their devices. They will be able to view and use their room photo albums, calendars and notes on their Windows Phone devices. But they won’t be able to create new rooms or make membership or permissions changes to existing rooms. Additionally, they and other room members won’t be able to send any new room chat messages.

“Rooms” will completely be removed from Windows 10 for phones

After updating your phone to Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, rooms will no longer show up on your phone. You’ll still be able to get to your photo albums, calendars and notes, either on the web or by using other apps on your phone. Although you won’t be able to see your chat history or send or receive any new chats.

To find your room calenders, notes and/or photos – on your phone, you can open Calender app for room calenders. Room notes – you can find them in OneNote app. Like wise for photos you can go to OneDrive app.

You can also find them on web after signing in to your Microsoft account via,, and/or

Beware! “Room Chats” will leave no sign. Back it up

After updating, you’ll no longer be able to see your chat history either on your phone or on the web. Before updating, make a copy of any info you want to keep.

We are not sure, how many of you there have been used to with Rooms – you might feel bad about the news. But we believe this feature was not as famous among the consumers and the company should have benefit to have it removed in favour of new features. Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones have been there for a while supporting a few set of devices with very limited UX and features. A final build is not really near to get public.

You can read more about it on Rooms FAQ page.

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