7 Reasons – Why people love smartphone photography


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They say a picture paints a thousand words. This is probably why everyone loves to take a photo of whatever they see and this is probably also the reason why photography remains to be loved by many. There is something in photos, which can express so well what people truly feel even better than words. There is something in pictures which can send out a message in a different yet better way and it can capture the hearts of many which encourages people to respond to it, whether it be in a bad or good way.

Photography plays a huge role in the lives of each and every human being. Let’s face it. It has made history what it is today. Imagine life without pictures. No one could have documented what it was like before and it would probably be more difficult to commemorate and relive the most historical and eventful times of our lives and our ancestors’ lives if it were not for photography. Photography helps people express their true emotions and feelings better such as happiness, sadness, the truth, and so much more.


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Technology has made everything possible. One of the greatest milestones of all time of technology is the smartphone. Smartphones, from the name itself, is capable of a lot of things and has made things once impossible now possible. Just like smartphone photography, it has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of photography. With smartphone photography, people are able to take pictures anytime, anywhere, without worrying about having to bring around bulky and heavy cameras. It is the comfort and convenience which makes people fall in love with it even more.

We all know that photography requires skill, talent, and a good eye for art. But who says taking photos is only for those who are artistic? Everyone, whether young or old, can take photos and do whatever they want with it. Like they say, people these days live behind lenses. It is because people are more comfortable expressing themselves and their emotions through photos and sharing them to the whole world.

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So why do people love smartphone photography so much? There are countless reasons and a few of them are listed below which may prove to you why you should love it too.

  • It is easier to capture moments. With just one click away, you can easily take your smartphone from your bag or pocket and automatically take a snap of whatever you see around you. With this, you can be ensured that you can capture precious moments instantaneously so you can cherish that memory forever with you. You do not need to take out that huge camera from your bag, unpack it and all other hassle things that you have to do, which is very time-consuming.
  • Smartphones these days have great camera features. Therefore, it is easier and more convenient to take photos using it. Some even have features which can capture quality photos the same as that when using a professional camera.
  • Also, you will not need to learn all those camera tricks that professional photographers can do because there are a lot of applications available for smartphones to edit the pictures which you have taken.

Photo with Lumia 1020 @500px

  • For those who love to take selfies, most camera features include a “beautify” option wherein upon taking a photo of oneself, the output will automatically remove the blemishes on the face and make the photo ready to be posted to any social media without any worries.
  • For those who love to share their captured moments to the world, using a smartphone to capture the sights and moments or events, it makes it so much easier to upload it in the Web and share or post it to social media.
  • This comes in handy also especially to students and even to those who are working. How so? It is inevitable that when a teacher is discussing something, and you would want to have a copy of it, then you just take a snap at it instantaneously. As to the working class, it can be used when one is in a hurry to take note of the schedules or reports posted or any new information and it would just be so much easier to take a photo of it than writing it down.
  • It can cost you lesser. Although smartphones can be quite pricey, this can still be considered as a good investment because it is very useful and also because you will not need to spend so much as to lenses and other accessories as other cameras need.


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