Nokia 808 PureView Camera – Pictures & Video – Comparison with Nokia N8 & Samsung Galaxy SIII



Nokia 808 PureView Camera Shots

In comparison with other smartphones Nokia 808 PureView really did an amazing job in all tests. But comparisons apart, we have shoot a few scenes and situations with Nokia 808 PureView’s massive sensor. Nokia has already told very clearly that it’s not about that much pixels, it’s the way they used these pixels to shoot reasonable but amazing pictures at 8 megapixels of resolution. We did use full 38 megapixels as well as the recommended PureView mode and seriously we are impressed with those stunning photos a mobile camera phone has taken.

Let me mention here that I’ve met people who have used 808 PureView and didn’t have a satisfactory opinion about the results its camera delivers. I believe they were not familiar with the theory. Even if they were, they didn’t understand what actually it is. So if you are someone like wondering that what the heck the Finnish company has made which is so being praised, you should read the technical information Nokia has published in a whitepaper. And for using the camera application you do not actually need to do a lot of struggle if you are familiar with the terms of photography and have some know-how of what to use at what condition/environment.


So after having Nokia 808 PureView tested, of course there is no question on Nokia’s PureView flagship with its massive 41 megapixels sensor. And the technology being used behind the PureView actually seems to be a future of imaging devices, specially for mobile devices where mechanical camera elements to support features like optical zoom is not suitable. There the more pixels will work as an alternative to the improve zooming capabilities of slim devices as well as to capture reasonable photos but with great and amazing detail. No mater the Nokia 808 PureView does look bulky among today’s mobile devices but for those who prefer photography enthusiast device with all the smartphone features, I believe the 808 PureView should be the first choice of them even if they have to choose between any smartphone or a compact digital camera.

We’ll try to bring the full review of Nokia 808 PureView ASAP with an aspect of a smartphone rather than a camera device. You comments will be appreciated. So please share your words below or throw any query you want to ask about this device. We’ll try to answer them.


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