Nikon confirms development of its Full-frame Mirrorless Camera, coming August 23rd

Nikon Full-Frame Mirror-less

Nikon has officially announced the development of the long rumored full-frame mirrorless camera. The camera has a new larger lens-mount, hence a range of lenses with new mount will also come along. A new F-mount adapter is also under development.

Update: The Nikon will launch its first full-frame mirrorless camera on August 23rd.

While your focus will be on the new full-frame mirrorless Nikon camera, you should note that its new mount will need an adapter to work with existing F-mount lenses. So the company is also developing the F-mount adapter which is a sure thing. It’s supposed to be launched along with the camera and the new lenses.

The company recently released a teaser video on YouTube titled – “Travel of Light” or “In pursuit of light”, showing the light traveling through a virtual universe, passing from a bigger black hole “new mount”, converting into colors and sitting on a surface “sensor”, developing in the human eye of a captured photograph on the suggested camera LCD and ending on the side-profile of the camera with the lens attaching to it.

With the announcement of its the full-frame mirrorless camera, the company promised its commitment to DSLR range.

“Nikon will continue to lead imaging innovation with the launch of the new mirrorless camera and the continued development of Nikon Digital-SLR cameras as well as the impressive NIKKOR lens lineup. Soon, Nikon users will have two industry-leading camera systems to choose from, giving consumers the choice to enjoy the unique values that each system offers.”

Nikon recently discontinued its Nikon 1 lineup of mirrorless cameras, as reported by NikonRumors earlier this month. It seems Nikon has decided to move on with more serious mirrorless cameras. The Nikon 1 lineup was a more proprietary than standard, with a smaller 1-inch sensor which were trying to beat the consumer cameras. Likewise, Nikon 1 had its own mount size and also offered an F-mount adapter to use with long range of NIKKOR F-mount lenses but it still remained a point-and-shoot camera that never caught an eye of professionals.

Now that you see a full-frame mirrorless camera coming out from your favorite brand, what do you expect it to offer with respect to features?

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