iOS and Android apps will run on Windows 10 phones


Microsoft has introduced the Universal Windows Platform Bridges that also has support for developers to bring their apps – built for iOS or Android, to Windows 10 and into the Windows Store.


Microsoft is really much trying to make it easy for the developers to allow them to write their only once for every platform. This news comes with a salt that the apps which are built on two most popular platforms iOS and Android, will be able run on Windows 10 for phones.

The Universal Windows Platform is a single app platform that is available across all Windows device families, enabling you to reach a new user base and open up new revenue opportunities. From PCs to tablets, phones, HoloLens, Surface Hub, and soon to include Xbox and Raspberry Pi – you can reach all these devices and look great on them all using one store and one codebase.

Each Bridge in the Universal Windows Platform Bridges (or UWP Bridges) model is a combination which provides different tools and runtime environments to developer that will enable their existing code (for any other platform) to run in the Windows platform. Visual Studio will now support code written in Java, C++ and Objective C.

Well, it’s not that an Android or iOS developer will just put their code in Visual Studio, compile it and submit to the Windows Store. More simply, you would have small job of modifying the code at very low level to make it suitable for the Windows 10. According to Terry Myerson, Windows Phones will have subsystems for iOS and Android to take care of the their respective codes.


Practically, Microsoft is doing really good which is beyond their platforms to attract the developers which are not already developing apps for their platforms. But sure this move is directly related to spread their platforms specially Windows 10 for Phones to reach of people who prefer using their smartphones with the most variety of apps and games.

Their is still a space to know about how much the developers will need to modify their code. If it’s really what seems from the Microsoft announcements during this Build 2105 conference, then it’s going to be really interested.

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