Lumia 535 is most selling Lumia smartphone in Near East – Pakistan settles the top spot


We all know that the Lumia 535 DS is the first Windows smartphone that comes with Microsoft’s branding and Pakistan is the first market from where the sale of this device was started by the Redmond giant’s mobile devices division.

Microsoft Mobile Devices and Services is aggressively targeting markets that are prone to smartphone penetration and that is where Pakistan came to the forefront. The company chose Pakistan as the first market to launch Lumia 535 DS, and to bring something exciting for the youth segment. Lumia 535 DS is a smartphone which is custom-made for the youth pocket, falling perfectly in the below PKR 15,000/- price range.

The local market’s response towards Lumia 535 DS was mind blowing. With staggering sales figures, Lumia 535 DS became the most selling Lumia smartphone and Pakistan clinched the top spot among the Near East & North Africa (NENA) region in terms of sales.


The main reason behind the success of the Lumia range is that it offers something for everyone. From the most affordable Lumia smartphone to a high-end Lumia handset, people can find something that matches their unique taste, their vibrant personality and their pockets! Microsoft keeps quality, affordability and durability at the fore with its Lumia smartphone range; contrary to other competitors who have expensive smartphones in their line-up.

There is a huge chunk of youth in Pakistan, which is adopting smartphones at an ever-increasing rate. People have used Android phones for quite some time and it is no secret that the affordable versions of Android devices come with a lot of limitations. This, in turn, makes them shift to other platforms. One of the biggest shortcoming of a low-end Android device is that it runs on an older version of the software and is not upgradable to its latest version, thus lagging behind in user experience.


Microsoft overcomes this issue in the most perfect manner. Packed with a seamless user experience, exemplary imaging capabilities Lumia 535 DS comes with Windows Phone 8.1, which is upgradable to Windows 10 (when the OS will be launched later this year). Thus, Lumia users don’t have to worry about lagging behind with an older version of the OS. Another big issue with low-end Android smartphones is hanging, something that doesn’t exist in Lumia smartphones.

Today’s youth has a fair idea of what is happening in the smartphone world. Not only do they look for an affordable smartphone to socialize themselves with their family and friends but also a phone that is up to date on manufacturers OEMs. With Microsoft Lumia you have both options available at the same time so you never have to comprise on your selections when going for a Lumia. So do you think Microsoft’ Lumia is worth going for it?

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