Project Islandwood & Project Astoria – Windows 10 bridges for iOS and Android

Project Astoria - Porting Android Apps to Windows 10

As we know that Microsoft has introduced to developers a new and easier way to port iOS and Android apps and games to Windows 10 platform, their tools now also are open to the developers to start playing with it.

The two, Project Islandwood and Project Astoria for iOS and Android respectively are available for developers to start with them if they want. But do remember that they are at initial stages so stay calm with them.

porting-ios-android-apps-to-windows-10For iOS developers

Project Islandwood is able to *import your Xcode projects into Visual Studio, *make minimal changes to your already written iOS/Objective-C code to build a Windows app, *build and debug your Objective-C code from Visual Studio. You can also take advantage of Windows services and extend your app to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform features.

For Android developers

Project Astoria (aka “project A”) can take care of your existing code for Android games and apps. You only may require a bit of changes to build Windows phone apps. You can test and debug your app using your preferred IDE. Then it can directly publish your app to the Windows Store.

For interested developers, you can hurry up to get involved as they have a very limited number of spots in their developer preview. For iOS developers and for Android developers.

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