Google launches a web portal “My Ramadan Companion” to give locally relevant information


The holy month of Ramadan Kareem has just started last evening and we (the Muslims) are all set to fasting from dawn to sunset along with our families.

Google didn’t let go the chance to receive appreciations from Muslims all around the world and has introduced a new web portal to give you the access to most relevant information, tips and recipes etc. around you for the whole month.

The new website or portal is called “My Ramadan Companion” and delivers details from basic to vast variety of information related to Ramadan. This include times when the sunrise and sunset will take place in your area, everyday.

No one can deny that what Google has in their databases – with the help of all that including their maps service, the portal will give you information about traffic as well as the nearest Masjids (Mosques). From Youtube, there will be recipes for your preparation through out the month.

No wonder as the writer is Muslim and telling about his feelings staying miles away from home and family

Today, living more than 1900 miles away from my family, I rely on technology to get close with them during Ramadan. Whether it’s sharing moments on Hangouts, my sister sending me pictures of the iftar spread of the day, or receiving an avalanche of recipes from my mother for me to save and try out, technology helps us stay connected and celebrate Ramadan together even when away.

As per the Google article, 200 million Muslims living away from their families connect and share moments with loved ones – which may have lead them to such a solution as Ramadan Companion. As Google knows many things as people look to their maps to navigate traffic and make it home from work for Iftar, download Google Play apps to plan their day around the sunset and sunrise, and look up Ramadan opening hours of their favorite local shops and restaurants.

Google Now is being used in the solution which detects your location shows you a range of relevant cards with popular YouTube videos, latest Ramadan news and information, and recommendations for apps that alert you to wake up for Sehr (to fast), enable you to design greeting cards for Ramadan to share with the family, find Halal restaurants around you, and countdown to Iftar time.

Recommended apps for Ramadan

Once again we wish you the blessings of Ramadan Kareem!

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