iNew V7 – Unboxing and First Impressions


iNew smartphone, another Chinese contender to make its space in Pakistani market. V7, the first model we have here is impressively good looking.


iNew has just stepped in Pakistani smartphone market with four mid-range and low-end smartphones recently. One of them, the iNew V7 is here with us for review. While we are up for that to bring it on as soon as possible, let’s just have an introduction to the brand first and then we’d do the unboxing session below with some initial remarks and first impressions leaving the review for the later date.

After the brands like Infinix and InnJoo having introduced and sold their smartphones in Pakistan through e-commerce channels, iNew smartphone brand was also introduced in Pakistan recently by Fonescape Communications but unlike former two brands, iNew has started their sales with local distributor and retail stores in markets. That would sure add some expenses into the phone’s price which finally will have to be borne by the consumer but at least the consumer would have benefit of after sales services which will hardly present with the other way as we are not sure of any.

Introduced with the price tag of Rs. 19,500/-, the iNew V7 is right candidate to be compared with the Infinix Zero 2 which was sold at around Rs. 19,000/- online at We’ll hold on with the in-depth comparison for full review part later here we’ll stick to the quick impressions as anyone would have by looking at it and having it used in hands following by an unboxing session below.

iNew V7 – Unboxing

The iNew V7 comes packed in a pretty regular sized box; it’s a double cover container with the hoax bottom part fixed to the internal box while the top cover is separately attached.

iNew-V7-review-unboxing-techprolonged-3 iNew-V7-review-unboxing-techprolonged-12

The bottom side of the phone prints the key features of the phone along with the model and identity information of the device.

Pulling off the top cover from the box reveals the iNew V7 device residing on top, wrapped into soft plastic bag. The phone screen is covered with a temporary protector again with the printed labels referring to the phone controls such as volume rocker and the power button. The labels also include the key features on the screen protector for quick reference.

iNew-V7-review-unboxing-techprolonged-11 iNew-V7-review-unboxing-techprolonged-10

It’s appreciated that the company ships an additional screen protector with the phone in a folder underneath the phone’s tray. Considering the fact that it would be hard to find a perfect sized screen protector in the market for a device which is not so famous enough, it’s a good part of the package for consumers who are conscious about the screen. Let me mention here that the screen indeed is featured with a Gorilla Glass (undisclosed version.)

iNew-V7-review-unboxing-techprolonged-9 iNew-V7-review-unboxing-techprolonged-6

Next is the user manual in both the English and Urdu languages inside the folder. The warranty card is also included – three copies. The battery is wrapped into plastic bag which is attached to the folder.

Underneath the folder, there reside the other important items including the charger, USB connectivity cable and the ear phones perfectly in their fixing. These items are also covered with the plastic wrappers.


Following are the items you would have in your regular use with the iNew V7 if you buy one.


While the quality of each item is pretty good apparently as well as in usage, the 5.5 volt charger comes only with 0.7 Amps which doesn’t look good as well as battery also come with only 2100mAh.

The Features and First Impressions

iNew V7 is just a mid-range smartphone having a slim and light removable back cover with the metal frame around the body. Weighing 128 grams, it doesn’t feel heavy in hands. The thickness is pretty nice not being too slim with the slightly curved back at the edges and rounded fully to cover top and bottom of the device. The metal side frame is attached with the internal body and gives sharp corners to the phone.


Those sharp corners are not usually thought to be ideal by some but to me they are more secure for the grip as only a single corner gets fixed with your thumb’s base. It’s not that sharp to hurt anyway. No wonder, the design of a phone is the very first thing for someone to go further into it. V7 is actually impressive at that part.

5 inch display is also well fitted on the front covering most of the body with capacitive navigation keys. It’s an IPS display with 720p resolution which is good in its range along with the unspecified version of Gorilla Glass. Under the hood it’s powered by 1.3GHz Quad-core processor on the MediaTek MTK 6582 chipset with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Internal Storage including ROM.


13 megapixels camera serves as a main camera on the phone along side the 2 MP front facing camera for selfies and video calling. More detail will be covered in later review.

With pretty much good impressions, the iNew V7 is going to stay with us for a couple of days to be tested you can leave your concerns below in the comments. We’d like to cover them in the detailed review.

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