Huawei Mate 8 takes these Photos when in professional hands, but are these really good?


Yes! A good photographer can turn anything into a camera, but quality of the photos can not do anything magically. Camera has to be good for that!

Huawei Mate 8 has been in reviews now a days and being appreciated for its guts. Having a lot of power among competition, Huawei’s latest smartphone still couldn’t impress some that much.

Unfortunately we couldn’t have our hands on with this beautiful device, we hope to have soon though so I’d save my remarks until then. But a prominent component of the phone, the 16 megapixel main camera with its optical image stabilization has been taken to test in a professional shoot by an Egyptian photographer Khaled Fadda. Model in this photo session is Dorra Zarrouk who is a Tunisian actress. Have a look below and read our remarks after the break along with behind-the-scenes video.

huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-1 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-2 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-3 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-4 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-5 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-6 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-7 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-8 huawei-mate-8-photo-shoot-techprolonged-9

These pictures were taken down from facebook hence can not be evaluated for quality and detail. Although the photos are beautifully taken by the photographer and may look impressive at first, but all of them seems to be heavily manipulated by the phone which is not too good for real. HDR mode can be clearly seen in backgrounds which have just gone flat. On the other hand, Beauty Mode also seems to be in effect and doesn’t look so good for such a photo shoot. In fact the first photo above seems to be the “most unreal” one among the others.

I tried but couldn’t find originals of the photos as I would really want to check them out closely for detail. After being much interested to test the Huawei Mate 8 myself, these pictures have derived me even more curious to try it out. Anyways, you can check the video below to have an idea how this photo shoot was done indoors and outdoors with other equipment.

Checkout the setup in the following video

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