Huawei P9 with dual-camera expected – Price, Specs, Release Date


Huawei Mate S / Khurram Ali, Tech Prolonged

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone maker, is doing pretty good these days in the markets worldwide. Year 2015 has also been so kind to the company and their devices did good enough to attract consumers as well as Google which made it possible for a Nexus device to be created by Huawei.

Rumors and speculations are always bound to be there, when there is a concern about something and you know what’s good about it? They always welcomed. Being considered as a sequel to the last year’s Huawei P8, the Huawei P9 has been in the speculations after since the Mate 8 officially launched.

Of course Huawei P8 has been one of the most decent smartphones of 2015. While rumors are already starting to gather about the successor of the device but they also adding with several variants of the device what is being called as Huawei P9, these include an improved and enhanced version – P9 Plus, a larger variant – P9 Max, and a smaller edition – P9 Lite, as reported by VentureBeat (VB.)

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It’s expected that rumored range of Huawei P9 devices would be launched this year and may feature a dual-camera setup with two 12-megapixel image sensors. They configuration will offer post-capture refocus, simulated aperture adjustment, and filter application. VB, considering their sources, also suppose the said devices to offer even more than listed above.


Huawei Mate S / Khurram Ali, Tech Prolonged

The report also suggests that Huawei, like before, will be featuring FHD 1080 display in all those variants of P9 as they are not interested in giving up battery life for a little more pixels which are not even required for human eye. This also notes that Huawei Nexus 6P will remain the only Huawei device featuring 1440p QHD resolution which was built for Google.

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Another thing is that Huawei is not going to launch P9 or any such device in the upcoming Mobile World Congress this month along side other tech giants announcing about their products. However they will be holding a dedicated launch event for it after MWC. Also note that the company already has plans to launch MateBook during MWC – as earlier rumors suggest.


Huawei P8 with Retail Packing / Khurram Ali, Tech Prolonged

More Features and Specifications

In addition to dual-camera, the Huawei P9 will be featuring dual-LED flash and will feature 6GB of RAM according to a leak over at Weibo. The smartphone will be powered by the improved version of flagship Kirin 950 processor, and a Mali T880 MP4 graphics processor. Following its family trend, the P9 will feature an all-metal body.

This report clashes with the all time support of 1080p resolution by Huawei as claiming the P9 would feature a 5.2″ QHD resolution display. Do not re-read, and just overlook as this all is not official.

Huawei P9 is also being rumored to have fingerprint scanner within the “Home” button. Previously Huawei has been providing fingerprint scanner on the back of the devices. Another redesign element will be found as the headphones jack will be placed at the bottom of the device unlike before on top.

Huawei P9 release date and price

The Huawei P8 was launched in April 2015, so if we evaluate the cycle, the Huawei P9 release date should be around the same time this year. But some reports also suggest that the Huawei has planned to launch an this new flagship smartphone at the upcoming MWC 2016 along side the MateBook.

The leaks and the rumors has not yet suggest price of the Huawei P9 but we can also evaluate it studying the Huawei P8’s lifetime. Introduced at $530 Huawei P8 hints that the successor Huawei P9 will also be priced around the same range but not below that.

In Pakistan, as Huawei is now launching devices for higher price tag so you might not follow a currency conversion rate for it but hope the company understands it quickly that how flexible the Pakistani market is and they won’t be facing a good welcome from consumers.

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