These are the Full Version Ads of LG G5 and LG Stylus 2 from MWC


LG has launched a modular smartphone LG G5 at MWC. While on the other hand LG Stylus 2, which was announced just a week ago, has also been unveiled at the event too.

Here are the video ads, each featuring the LG G5 and Stylus 2 respectively.

First ad is for LG Stylus 2 created with a beautiful animation showing a short video of romantic action going through along with stunts performed (or filmed as) to feature the toughness and usability of the Stylus 2 with its Pen, The ad mostly delivers the visual flicks of the big screen smartphone and a stylus of course while the characters of the ad, all running through out.

The second ad for LG G5 runs for a little over 4 minutes. Starting with a swinging G5 where it stops and reveals a yellow colored battery by just sliding out the bottom part of the phone as being the best part of the G5 where it gets its LG Friends swapped. A group of people are getting excited while holding the LG friends along with the G5 and enjoying in different ways. The ad runs through some funny acts as well as some mockery but not too bad. Watch the ad yourself below

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