Huawei VR – Another Virtual Reality headset to compete with Samsung’s Gear VR


It’s the Samsung Gear VR Competitor from Huawei

It’s only over a week when the Chinese manufacturer announced their latest flagship Huawei P9 in London which stayed in rumors for good long time. But they also had something to announce in the hometown which probably no one had an idea about. It’s the Virtual Reality headset that Huawei didn’t want to stay back from.

Breaking into virtual reality era of the days, in Shanghai today, Huawei has announced its new Huawei VR headset that will work pretty much like the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR to serve the purpose. It will require your Huawei smartphone (specifically most recent ones including P9, P9 Plus, or Mate 8) to be packed within and catch up across your head for virtual reality experience.

Huawei VR features a touch panel along with the control buttons for navigation. It also features a 360-degree sound field – which Huawei claims as the first among competition. A 95 degree field of view and an anti blue light filter for your eyes comfort. With the launch of the headset, Huawei will offer over 4000 movies, over 40 free games, over 350 panoramic images and over 150 3D virtual tours.huawei-vr-1Huawei has not disclosed about pricing of the their VR headset, neither they shared any detail about when the headset will be be available to the consumers. It’s been reported, however, the availability of the headset may occur sometime this year.

Sure we’ll update you with more relevant news about Huawei VR in coming days along with its price and availability in Pakistan. So you better keep an eye over here.

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