Microsoft Pix supposed to be better than Stock iPhone Camera App


Microsoft has released a new camera app that aims to capture better photos than the stock camera app in your iPhone or iPad. Yes, the software giant has built the new camera app called Microsoft Pix for iOS devices.

Microsoft Pix uses artificial intelligence, analyzes the recorded images, evaluates technicalities such as sharpness or exposure as well as works with facial expressions of human subjects to provide photos which are better.

For instance, the app records and saves a burst of 10 frames before and after the shutter button is pressed. Then a special AI based algorithm selects up to three of the best, unique shots but keeps the remaining frames before deleting them and uses the data from all the frames to remove noise, and then intelligently brightens faces, beautifies skin and adjusts the picture’s color and tone.


The app also integrates Microsoft’s Hyperlapse feature that records stabilized time-lapse videos but additionally it also allows users to import existing videos and turn them into hyperlapse ones. The feature is already available in Windows Mobile 10 as well as a standalone app is also there for Android platform.

While the app works with multiple shots for better photos, it also could produce Live Images. But app continues to use its special intelligence to record Live Images automatically if it thinks there is something interesting or important in the frame.

The app also selects the best photo automatically from the burst, based on exposure and sharpness in the frames, as well as the faces criteria like open eyes and smiles etc. The app selects a frame where the eyes are more open, and adjusts the exposure to capture detail in faces, hair and clothing, that too without losing color accuracy and background detail. The app produces Animated GIF.

Microsoft Pix features include Smart Settings, Live Images, Face Recognition, Hyperlapse, Best Moment, Auto-sync, Best Images, Easy Sharing, Image Auto-enhance.


Microsoft Pix is currently available for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 9. Download for your device from iTunes

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