WhatsApp Video Calls Now Rolling Out, How to activate Earlier


WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app, has now started rolling out most anticipated feature video calling which is not present for everyone yet.

Voice calls feature has been there in WhatsApp for over one and a half year which was started in March 2015. Since then video calls feature has been waited on the messaging app. With this feature, WhatsApp joins the race with the likes of popular cross platform Skype and Viber or iOS specific FaceTime.

Video calls feature in WhatsApp is just like any other app offering the same feature. Initiate a call by tapping a call button, you are prompted two options asking if you want to place a voice call or a video call. Or you go through start a call button on top and a list of contacts will appear with two icons in front of a contact – “voice” or “video”.

While the roll out of the app has been started according to reports, if you still have not received the feature update, you can download WhatsApp beta 2.16.318 and install manually.


Remember that the feature will work only if the other side also has the video calls feature. Otherwise the call will fail and you will be notified accordingly.


You can download WhatsApp beta 2.16.318 and install manually if you have not received the update with video calling feature.

Troubleshooting: How to Activate Video Calling

Note: you might need to backup your data first if it’s important because this will clear WhatsApp data, settings, your messages and your setup. You will need to re-setup WhatsApp.

If you install manually over an already installed WhatsApp you might not see video calling feature. In that case, you need to go to [1] Settings > Apps > WhatsApp. [2] Force stop app, Clear Cache and Clear Data. [3] Then open WhatsApp and setup with your number again. You will see the video calling feature instantly across the app interfaces.

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