E-commerce & Black Friday in Pakistan – Online Retailers List Offering Special Discounts


Online Shopping has never been so cool in Pakistan as it is now but still there’s a long way to go to catch up with international e-commerce stage. Even though people have been ordering without leaving their homes since a couple of years. Sitting on the couch in the TV lounge or on the desk in office, people really didn’t bother to order anything due to much feasible payment option for them – Cash on Delivery. However, this payment method has always been a concern for the sellers.

For a few years, there have been some online retail stores in Pakistan which have attracted customers to shop online. Many offer different deals with special discounts on different occasions. Last year the globally acclaimed Black Friday was also introduced in Pakistan where various online retailers participated with their unique offers and discounts for their customers. It broke all sales records last year and now it’s back.

Collaboration of different mobile operators was also appreciable which moved the deep-rooted e-commerce phenomenon of Cash on Delivery in Pakistan to the full-fledged online payment solutions whether they are mobile payments or credit/debit card payments. Initially there were concerns of the buyers to go with this straight payment methods prior to the delivery of product only due to the security concerns in the country. But as fast as the vendors and mobile operators are collaborating to provide various payment options for quick order placing, the customers are also getting awareness of the real flow of e-commerce.

It will not be incorrect to say, the e-commerce in Pakistan is also growing with pace just like the telecom industry first had. The big credit once again should go to mobile operators who provided the secure payment solutions, not only for online shopping but also many other platforms for sending and receiving money nationwide. In fact, the latter is the most obvious factor which led it to a secure e-commerce merchandising in the country and eventually that is the major reason customers in Pakistan trusted both the payment solution provider and the online retailers.


So why Black Friday or any other special sales week or day is important in this article? Long story short, people have long enjoyed the Cash on Delivery method but that never helped the customers gain any benefits regarding special discounts. These special sales weeks are the key situations for both the vendors and online payment solution provides to attract customers giving them big discounts when they buy *not* with CoD (Cash on Delivery). Got it?

You choose your vendor, retailer online, you choose your payment method – of course not CoD, and get amazing discounts accordingly. Though there might be a little discount over CoD too but sure you don’t want that when you talk about a good discount value.

I guess that’s pretty straight forward introduction to Black Friday and that’s now back in Pakistan – dated November 25th, two weeks from today. So, you can find a list of internet retailers below, you can go there one by one and see which one is going to offer you best deals. We are giving a little hint though.

List of Online Retailers in Pakistan offering Black Friday Deals



Of course, one of the first retailers in Pakistan which brought the day in the country. For online payments, they partnered with Telenor’s easypay. You get a straight on discount when pay via a variety of easypay solutions. In addition to other discounts, Daraz gives Rs. 2000 discount with easypay voucher if bought before the Black Friday.


Yayvo, interesting and enjoyable name for an online retailer, is child of TCS Pakistan. They started online retail store and used they pioneer shipment facilities. Having business contacts across Pakistan, they actually are a great player in the growing e-commerce industry in the country. Well they are also offering the Black Friday deals in partnership with JazzCash – a set of payment solutions from Mobilink. Yayvo is offering up to 80% discounts on select products which have not yet been revealed.


Rocket Internet’s Daraz Group is the parent company of Kaymu.pk which is also running under the same roof as Daraz.pk with a different approach where even you can sell your products instantly. Like last years, Kaymu.pk is also standing up with its sibling to offer Black Friday deals which you can check on their portal.


Another player in the market, HSN, has also setup to offer the same discounts on November 25th, Friday, but they are not calling it as “Black Friday”. Instead, they named it as “White Friday”, well it has nothing to do with the concept which remains the same. You visit the site on Friday, Nov 25, and buy anything with huge discounts.


Another retailer, Clicky.pk, with a huge listing of products is also going to run Black Friday deals. They have up to 70% of discounts on a variety of products. On women’s and men’s fashion products, the retailer will be offering up to 80% discounts.

Now when we are talking about Black Friday which is just around the corner, you might still be staggering what this black thing is, just read on.


A Little History of Black Friday

After ruling over America for decades, Black Friday seized Canada, UK, France, Costa Rica and several other countries. A small sale from almost a century ago has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon. In 1924, Macy’s sponsored the Thanksgiving parade and held a sale for the Christmas shoppers in an attempt to kick start the slow retail season.

Next year more stores flowed in Macy’s footsteps and the trend spread in a matter of few years, becoming an annual tradition. Every year on the last Friday of November, around a million people would leave their houses to grab the best deals of the year. TVs, laptops, cell phones, toys, beauty products, apparel, and anything else you can imagine is available on an incredible discount on the ultimate day for sales.

Over the last decade, as laptops and smart phones have become more and more common, ecommerce websites have gained popularity when it comes to Black Friday. Customers can now grab the fantastic Black Friday deals without having to wait in line, push through crowds, wait hours for a parking spot or carry around a ton of bags. In fact, in this day and age, there is an app for everything. All you have to do is add to cart and check out. And in a matter of swipes, everything is delivered at your doorstep.

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