Interview with CEO Monami Group, Mr. Ammar Afif


Monami Tech, a division of Monami group, headquartered in Dubai UAE with regional office in Karachi Pakistan, is an innovative solution provider for Banks and Financial Institutions.

The group’s aim is to develop specialized Payment solutions, Billing systems, and Digital wallets for the financial industry globally by bringing in an International team of practitioners, and partnering with Novatti Group.

Recently an interview was conducted with Mr. Ammar Afif, the CEO of Monami Group to discover about their vision and and presence in Pakistani markets. More importantly to know what kind of solutions they are and will provide for payments.

Upon asking about the company’s target, the CEO said that their mission is to create more opportunities for banks and assist them in accessing the untapped banking potential . “We can do this by creating a world of convenience for their customer and inspiring social change amongst the financial services sector.” – he added.

Monami Tech offers a suite of innovative solutions for financial institutions made to redefine banking in the developing world. By bringing in an international team of practitioners, partnering with renowned software developers (Novatti) and investing in active industry leaders (Intelligenes), the team at Monami Tech understands gaps in the financial market and has the capability to provide tailor-made solutions to increase efficiency, simplify operations and create tried and tested services that are best in class.

Q. What are the strong IT pursuits of Monami Tech?

A. We understand that the smart phone penetration in developing countries is growing, allowing for a new kind of consumer to enter the market. Considering these kinds of consumers we must be able to adapt, understand their needs and innovate to serve the market and reach into this untapped potential. Our research has shown if we explore credit scoring, easy accessible micro lending and digital payment ecosystems between retailers and consumers we can gain access to this new “quasi-banked” population.

Q. What is the point of focus for Monami Tech as far as customers are concerned?

A. Monami Tech is interested in improving Pakistan’s current payment options and diversifying the marketplace. We will start by targeting the major banks in the region and continue with the regional and rural banks. Our end goal is to improve the overall financial inclusion of all Pakistanis in the country.

Q. Over the past few years Pakistan has seen introduction of new multiple tech payment systems in an attempt to target the unbanked population of the country. Do you believe this could benefit the economy in the longer run?

A. Yes, definitely, technology is allowing new products and solutions to be introduced to remote areas which will drive financial inclusion and new to bank opportunities. The benefits of these payment systems the increased safety, efficiency and cost savings not only for the customers but also the businesses.

Q. Is Monami Tech planning to enter this domain?

A. Yes, Monami Tech is currently offering a digital wallet with the help of our Australian partners, Novatti. We are also working on other projects that can help us promote the e-commerce sector.

Q. Pakistani IT industry has been acknowledged on global level in terms of its potential for software exports. How will Monami Tech be contributing towards it?

A. We have an excellent R & D team based in Karachi that are building world class solutions that will be exposed beyond Pakistan. By providing training to our developers and staff from our international partners based in Australia and Canada, Monami Tech is creating career opportunities for our employees and enabling them to have international prospects to showcase our talent in the global IT industry.

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