Nokia branded Metal Phone Panels Surfaced in Photos


As it’s very well known that Microsoft and Nokia’s partnership bounded Finish phone maker to not make any phone before 2016. As the year has almost past with rumors of Nokia entering back into smartphone business with leaking phone models, an other lead surfaced on the web with photos of the Nokia branded phone’s panels.

Nokia devices are set to be offered by FIH Mobile in feature and smartphone categories. A Nokia D1C smartphone or tablet is already in rumors but this specific phone doesn’t seem to be that one however.

There is no much detail about the phone but it appears from the photos that the phone has a metal rear panel. On the back panel, there are two holes, one for a flash and another one for a camera lens probably.

The above panel, if not exactly but, matches the layout of the device renders below. The new renders from from ithome suggest the phone could be available in white, black and gold colors. while also may have USB Type-C port along with a speaker grill.

We can also take them as two different versions but similar in some design whereas the features are concerned we only have yet the D1C model of the rumored Nokia device that runs Android 7 Nougat. What one target, these all rumors are suggesting as Nokia is going to start with, is that they most probably are the low-end or budget devices which I believe would hardly impress the class. However might be a good chance for masses to adapt back with their most favorite brand of times.

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