Counterfeit, Replica, or Fake Smartphones, LED TVs Seized in Raids


Following a tip, FIA raided a place in Karachi, where the counterfeit smartphones of famous brands were being assembled, and seized them all along with arrests.

It’s nothing new that replica and fake smartphones have been available which reach in the markets via various channels. In fact some assemble them locally and sell while customers actually know what they are buying. However what’s illegal, it indeed is.

Law Enforcement agency with Checkers raiding team conducted an intensive raid at “Al-Najeebi Mobile Market” at Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar-Karachi, against counterfeit smartphones of prestigious brands. The photos as appeared above reveal that most of the phones are labeled with Samsung screen protectors which usually come pre-applied on the devices.

The accused Mohammad Yousuf along with three other accused involved, was arrested on the spot. Counterfeit smartphone confiscated brought to the center for further interrogation. First Information Report was registered against the accused.

In similar raids in Lahore, Gujranwala, Karachi, Multan and Rawalpindi, the law enforcement agencies seized the fake LED TVs and also arrests the involved. These LED TVs are similar to the fake smartphones which are assembled with the parts obtained from various resources and are made available in the markets with the famous brand names which include Sony and Samsung mostly.

However similar TV’s are also being assembled by newly formed companies with new names which you may have encounter in recent years. Those companies also do not manufacture the TVs but assemble them in a very similar fashion but do not name them as those famous brands. Instead they use their own names with their TVs which indeed is ethical as those companies must have license to sell their products with legal rights.

The retailers and consumer are requested to only buy official products by the company’s authorized shops. The authorities should continue taking necessary action against this disgraceful act of selling counterfeit products and arrest not only the retail shops but also the root of it who are making more money.

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