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Nokia 6 Durability Test – One of the most durable smartphones

First Nokia Android smartphone undergoes Scratch, Burn and Bend Tests

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Nokia 6 Durability Test

Nokia phones have been known to be durable since when no such durability tests were even born. The current age of smartphones has its own stage for those phones to pass through – the durability test. A kind of a stress test a phone has to go through.

Nokia 6, a budget or mid-range smartphone which is the first real Android product under the Finnish brand name, has not yet released globally. Only after having announced at MWC for global launch, the Nokia 6 has reached the stage which we have just talked above.

The durability test, as you can see in the following video that runs for 4 minutes and 37 seconds, shows a real stress over this Nokia branded smartphone. You might feel bad seeing the phone having tough torture – you’d need some heart to watch it.

In the video you will see how the Nokia 6 performed against the burning flames, really hard scratches as well as the well-known bend test. “This is literally, one of the most solid devices that I have ever felt” – remarks the JerryRigEverything

Nokia 6 Durability Test

So if you are one of those who thought Nokia, for the sake of durability, had to make the remake of 3310, you may now consider that Nokia has even guts to make enough solid smartphones. That’s not even the first time, we have seen a lot of solid metal Symbian powered smartphones from Nokia earlier.

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