Vimeo now supports 360-degree videos, watch on web, mobile or VR headsets

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Vimeo – the video sharing platform for most professionals, has now added support for 360-degree videos. Starting March 8th the content will be available on web and on the official smartphone app. This could be an impressive step by Vimeo for its fans even though the larger video sharing platform, YouTube launched 360-degree videos in 2015.

Well, it’s not too late that Vimeo has just got into the bandwagon of virtual reality stuff which is still in its early phase. What’s important is that the pro video platform has announced a set of prominent features. Including the support of 8K content, monoscopic and stereoscopic videos, Vimeo also supports offline HD playback of 360-degree videos.

Currently the 360-degree content on Vimeo is accessible via the web or via the mobile app for iOS and Android. Only a few of VR headsets are supported including Zeiss VR One, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

In addition, Vimeo has also launched 360 Video School – a series of online tutorials for creating, shooting, and editing the immersive video content.

Just like the above video, you can explore the 360-degree channel at Vimeo where a bunch of videos are waiting for you.

How to watch

“On mobile, simply tilt or drag your finger across the screen to look around. On desktop, you can click or use the arrow keys to explore. Extra cool new thing: you can also easily watch 360 videos offline from your phone. Simply tap the ellipse next a video on mobile, followed by ‘Make available for offline viewing.’ Cruise over to your Library, tap “Offline,” and you’ll see your video ready for streaming — wi-fi or not.”

“What if you’ve got a headset? We think that’s awesome, and we want you to use it. Our Android and iOS apps sync up with most headsets: all you’ve got to do is tap the headset icon in the mobile player, or scan your headset’s QR code, and we’ll make sure the video renders properly for your gear.”

Watch more videos at Vimeo’s 360-degree curated channel. Or if you are content creator, visit the platforms 360 Video School

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