iPhone 7 Plus vs $82,000 Arri Alexa Cinema Camera


This is something which won’t happen very often but now gaining momentum that you see some smartphone put against some professional camera. Almost every brand of a smartphone has now been compared to some kind of a professional DSLR camera.

This time iPhone 7 Plus is put against the a professional movie camera behind a wide range of top titles from Hollywood. The video above contains unedited RAW content from a heavy duty camera built for a cinemas – Arri Alexa, comparing to the footage from an iPhone 7 Plus.

As told, it’s now very common to put a smartphone camera against some pro-rig, this video is just one that you won’t struggle to tell the difference between two footage. Right side by side with the footage from Alexa, you will easily see how iPhone 7 Plus lacks at the dynamic range when shooting outside.

When compared indoors, in low-light, the iPhone 7’s footage is just not watchable as it comes with very dull colours, a lot of noise and grain. While on the other hand you see complete sharp image with soft and clean detail with just no visible noise.

Interestingly, this comparison is an example to tell someone that 4K video footage is not just usable in most cases. This footage will tell you how much the HD/1080p footage from Alexa is appealing when compared to a crappy 4K footage from some smartphone camera.

Again, like most such comparison, this video also suggests that smartphone cameras are yet far from professional cameras. You can use them in your daily life for personal use but you can’t use them for some real good stuff specially at movie recording or still prints. But hold on, manipulating with the smartphone camera shots and with some post-processing, you can have really good results from the smartphone as well – remember the recent shots from Google’s Nexus 6P and Pixel smartphone?

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