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Nokia to help Umrah and Hajj pilgrims navigate the crowd and stay connected

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Multi-access Edge Computing - Nokia - Zain KSA

With the help of newly deployed Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platform, the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims will be able to use smart applications in the vicinity of Mecca, with the possibility to navigate through the crowds.

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) combined with Edge Video Orchestration delivers live video feeds around the area and the People Finder – a smart application by Zain KSA, allows subscribers to navigate the crowds and stay in contact with friends and family while performing the rituals.

The Live Hajj – another smart application allows the pilgrims to view video streams from the Al Rahmah Mountain in Arafat and the Jamarat area, to identify the best and quietest time of day to perform the “flinging of the pebbles” ritual.

Nokia launched MEC last September, with three enterprise-specific applications. Object tracking: that allows the tracking of assets and persons up to centimeter-level accuracy. Video surveillance and video analytics.

The Nokia MEC allows applications to be hosted closer to the edge of the network, therefore closer to subscribers, to efficiently use network resources and open up new opportunities for the delivery of compelling, tailored services in high-traffic locations.

By combining MEC with Edge Video Orchestration, video feeds can be efficiently broadcast to multiple subscribers’ devices simultaneously with millisecond latency. Massive data processing is performed by deploying the Nokia AirFrame Data Center technology.

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