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Google introduces Desktop app “Backup and Sync” for Photos and Drive

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Google Backup and Sync

Google Photos and Drive are available for quite long which efficiently work to store images and other files respectively online. The sync service was only available at mobile apps for iOS and Android but now the service is available for desktop computers.

In a recent blog post, Google has introduced a desktop app “Backup and Sync” for Windows PC and Apple Mac computers. The new software will replace the existing desktop applications used for Photos upload and Drive on Mac and Windows PC.

The new application is a simpler, speedier and more reliable solution than the previous tools. It backs up files and photos from your computer or SD cards and digital cameras and syncs them both ways. You just need to choose the folders you want to back up, and the application will take care of the rest. This is very similar to what we have with Microsoft’s OneDrive desktop tool.


Backup and Sync is now available for download for Google Photos and Google Drive. To learn more about how Backup and Sync works, head over to Google Help Center.

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