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Razer might be working on a Pure Gaming Smartphone

The maker of gaming gear is seeking IPO to raise funds for development

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The top gaming gear manufacturer, Razer seems to be interested in making a smartphone specifically for gamers, as reported by Bloomberg. The top gaming gear manufacturer is planning an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong later this year seeking to value the company up to $5 billion.

Well, the community had already seen it coming but if you are surprised, then most probably you didn’t hear when the company acquired Nextbit – a smartphone company, earlier this year in January. It was already assumed that the company might enter into smartphone business.

It’s not yet confirmed under which brand name – Nextbit or Razer, that supposed gaming smartphone is going to enter into market but according to initial reports the company seemingly confirmed to Tech Crunch that it might keep its smartphone production under the Nextbit brand.

The company that making products for hardcore gamers has disclosed that it wants to accelerate its expansion of business in China where the gaming market is around $25 billion. The that used to sell its products across the US – online and through the chains such as BestBuy, is now selling via e-commerce giant like JD.com and Alibaba.

As reported by Bloomberg, Razer is planning IPO later this year around October, you shouldn’t expect such a smartphone before 2018.

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