Android O official name to be announced on August 21

Android O name Oreo

The official name of Google’s next version of Android platform will reportedly be announced during the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st. It’s not a verified date but being referred to as a most possible one after considering key information rumored during past weeks and months.

The news comes from David Ruddock – managing editor at Android Police via a set of his tweets. He mentions an unnamed and unverified source who fed the information to him. He didn’t reveal the official “name” with the initial “O”, to not spoil the moment you hear it on the day by Google itself.

His impression, however, reveals that he knows the name but just doesn’t want to be a spoiler. He further tweeted that the search giant – Google has plans and preparing a spectacle to reveal the name and launch the first public release on August 21 – as hinted by Evan Blass – @evleaks.

You can check a chain of tweets by David Ruddock below to see what he has to say about Google’s launch of Android O with its official “O” name.

For now, it seems to be so interesting about what a day Google might have chosen to launch Android “O”. For instance, if you look closely the relation between a total solar eclipse and the letter “O”, it’s the shape that matches. Taking it in notes, the famous chocolate cookies with cream inside – “Oreo” is the most suitable match with the shape. While other suggested names we have seen till now are far apart matching with the recent information.

A total solar eclipse, when the the moon completely covers the sun to restrict light hitting the Earth, makes a complete “O”. That’s the only reason this information is based to suggest the name as an Oreo. Just look at the photoshopped image below where the Oreo cookie replaces the moon and covers the sun.

Android O - Oreo Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse, base image behind the cookie | image courtesy: NASA

We can imagine that Google might have plans to align the date of its Android O launch with the most matching shape in the universe on a biggest astronomical event.

Mashable also added a twitter poll that it ran in February 2017, to let people votes. It also managed to keep Oreo on top with 73% votes alone.

So the best bet has always been the “Oreo” to name the next Android O platform. You still have about a week ahead to make your guess. Would you want to have it as Oreo? or something else. Our bet is also on “Oreo”, let us know about yours in the comments below.

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