Apple’s iPhone X production hasn’t started yet, says analyst

iPhone X Feature

Apple’s latest and 10th anniversary iPhone X is set to go for pre-orders on October 27th and to start shipping, a week later, from November 3rd. But according to recent reports, iPhone X — possibly the most desirable iPhone by fans, is expected further stuck in delays.

iPhone fans may need to wait more than they thought to get their hands on the first bezel-less iPhone, as the production of the iPhone X has not been started yet. Christopher Caso — the chip analyst from Raymond James, says that already facing issues in production, iPhone X may face further delays to ship to consumers.

Caso notes that the production of iPhone X is expected to start in mid-October. He further added that it’s a two months delay from the initial expectations made in June, while one month delay compared to expectations made a month ago.

Barron’s published the following note by Christopher Caso, as CNET shares.

Interestingly, while the industry widely anticipated a shift in iPhone ramp timing, our checks suggest there was an incremental delay in the build plans — with orders firmed up as recently as last week — shifting production more into the December quarter. While our checks are ongoing, initial feedback from our meetings suggests that final production of iPhone X has not yet begun, with production expected to commence in mid-October. That production start is about a month later when compared to expectations a month ago, and about 2 months later than expectations at the end of June.

Notably, this is consistent with commentary from Diodes last week suggesting the timing had changed since reporting June quarter results and is important as it relates to tone and expectations for the December quarter.

iPhone X Dual Camera

If you are little sidelined, iPhone X bearing the slim-bezels was unveiled on September 12th along with the standard iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It starts from $1,000 – the most expensive base iPhone variant yet. Featuring 5.8-inch OLED display on the whole front and no physical home button, the iPhone X feature Face ID instead of a fingerprint sensor based Touch ID.

It’s expected that iPhone X will gain huge demand but the production and supply is going to be major issue. Which also makes critics believe that Apple might already know about the issues as well as they knew the production wouldn’t start but they had to reveal something on September 12th, in order to keep up with fans expectations. Even when it’s not ready?

Did you noted when iPhone X failed with its Face ID on stage?

Well, people did note. It was indeed to be noticed when a top firm claimed to make innovating productions – like iPhone X itself but it fails right when you want to show it to public. Craig Federighi tried to demonstrate the Face ID screen unlock feature of iPhone X and it failed before he needed to enter passcode to go through. Then uses a standby unit of iPhone X to continue with the demo.

Federighi later headed to justify the fact by denying as it failed, but actually worked as intended. Without going into fuss of logs of the iPhone X, a simple fact could have justified it as that demo phone required the passcode due to having rebooted. It’s the way, the Touch ID or other fingerprint scanners have been working for long on other devices. First of all, anything can go wrong on the stage so I was perfectly alright with that. But big claims about innovation shouldn’t go bad like that as well, right?

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