Huawei Y7 Prime vs Galaxy J7 Prime – Features and Camera Comparison

Huawei Y7 Prime vs Galaxy J7 Prime

Huawei Y7 Prime or Samsung’s Galaxy J7 Prime? If you are here, you are most probably wondering which one of these two mid-rangers are worth buying. Hope this set of comparisons will help you decide.

We published an in-depth of review of Huawei Y7 Prime a few weeks ago and readers asked if it’s any better than Galaxy J7 Prime. Samsung has not refreshed it with a successor this year as well as the Galaxy J7 Prime still costs – PKR 29,000/- more than Y7 Prime which was launched just last month for PKR 25,000/- Whereas J7 was not reviewed in full however we managed to get the unit for the sake of comparison.

After using both the phones simultaneously, switching one to the other, for couple of days, we had enough data to compare both the devices. Taking from the key features to performance, from battery power to camera quality – we tried everything on both and here we have the answers for you.

First of all, both Galaxy J7 Prime and Y7 Prime feature 5.5-inch displays (PLS and IPS respectively). J7 Prime serves at 1080p full HD resolution whereas Y7 Prime only gives you 720p resolution. So the display on the Samsung’s handset is sharper with around pixel density of 400ppi than the Y7 Prime with 267ppi.

Both the devices feature octa-core processor – Galaxy J7 Prime comes with proprietary Exynos 7870 clocked at 1.6GHz while the Huawei Y7 Prime is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 435 clocked at 1.4GHz. Both equally feature 3GB of RAM but memory management was more appreciable on Y7 Prime whereas J7 prime also was good in performance anyway.

Features Comparison – Huawei Y7 Prime vs Galaxy J7 Prime

What held the J7 Prime a step back was the storage – 16GB of internal storage is not enough but absurd when compared to 32GB, double storage capacity in Y7 Prime. You will be seeing “Not enough space” warning for quite lot of time on Samsung J7 Prime.

On the other hand Y7 Prime has 4000mAh battery capacity is rightly calibrated and impressively performed during our review with 8.5 points out of 10. However, it’s true that Galaxy J7 Prime performed closer with its 3300mAh battery.

Speed & Features Comparison

Now, you should know what serves your need the most

  • A sharper display with less usable storage? or
  • A moderate display with larger battery and double the storage room?

Well, if not, you might need another factor to compare – camera. Y7 Prime has a 12-megapixel camera while the J7 Prime has 13MP. Both were fine as mid-rangers but Y7 Prime manages to bring vibrant color reproduction in photos. J7 Prime’s dynamic range is not good as well as Y7 Prime’s dynamic range is not that bad. Both have HDR feature but J7 Prime’s seems to be working nicely.

Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime takes 360-degree panorama shots but Y7 Prime takes only 180-degree panorama shots. However Y7 Prime’s resolution is way higher than Galaxy J7 Prime’s

In our comparison, we found the Huawei Y7 Prime most suitable for your demand today. You may still want to watch comparison videos above to see why. You can give you comments and conclude what do you think about these two devices.

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