Now a Five-Camera Nokia Smartphone might come to your surprise

Five-Camera Nokia Smartphone

We have seen dual-camera configurations in lot of flagship and mid-range smartphones now with an exception of three-lenses. But things like to turn around to your surprise sooner than later as a smartphone with a penta-lens configuration has started appearing in leaks.

The brand we are talking about here is, Nokia – owned by HMD Global. The company has previously tried adapting the already-set trend of dual-camera setup without gaining much hype. However, this new camera setup with an array of five sensors/cameras/lenses might have your attention in the wild.

The same penta-lens setup first appeared in rumors earlier this year, that was reported to be Nokia 10 back then. The actual name is just a speculation as now it’s reported to be Nokia 9. We still don’t know about the commercial name of the smartphone, however the recently leaked hands-on photo reveals the model number as TA-1094.

The leaked photo shows a configuration that is arranged in circular manner with a lens on top, another lens in the middle and the remaining three lenses at the bottom. A flash and sensors are filling the top-left and top-right to complete the circular arrangement.

Penta-Lens Smartphone Nokia 9

Despite the fact of a lot of dual-cam setups, Huawei went further with the introduction of P20 Pro earlier this year with three-cameras. That was a step ahead of the market with a higher count of pixels that supported 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid zoom. It was something that really impressed us after Nokia Lumia 1020. There are only rumors and speculations as of what these five cameras will do in a smartphone. Whether it’s zooming capabilities or anything you suppose of a united power of more cameras. We believe there is something really special going to appear out of this smartphone.

The brand Nokia has a long relationship with camera phones and innovative imaging tech. It didn’t lose at mobile photography but left the mobile business with quite a good achievements. In addition to Lumia 1020, the company introduced the very first 40MP camera in Nokia 808 PureView six years ago making us stunned without a minor leak. While having winding up its mobile business, Nokia continued with its imaging technology and introduced the first professional-grade OZO VR camera.

So you can expect a lot from HMD Global after when it has gathered everything related to imaging, whether its partnership with ZEISS optics, or recently acquired PureView brand. We still can’t guarantee if the company could be able to produce those camera tech that Nokia had been building for years. There is a reason to doubt it, as the imaging experts Nokia had that time are no more with HMD Global.

For now you can just expect HMD to do good with all that it has as tech and the patents to use for its Nokia-branded smartphones.

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