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Realme – another smartphone brand to launch in Pakistan Early Next Year

Realme Smartphones

Realme is another smartphone brand on the horizon of the new year to appear in Pakistan. The brand’s regional Facebook page has already started teasing about the entrance in the versatile market of the country.

According to sources, the brand will hit the Pakistan markets in early 2019. Realme is an emerging smartphone brand that specializes in providing high quality smartphones. If all goes well, we may be able to get our hands on the Realme as soon as the next few weeks.

Realme – set to launch in Pakistan, is aiming to target over 60% of Pakistan’s young population with attractive and affordable smartphone range. The brand has experienced exceptional launch success in countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and India. Apart from this list, the company has captured a strong market presence in Thailand.

With 1,000,000 units sold within four months of the launch, Realme became one of the top smartphone brands in India. It turned out to be the fourth most popular online brand in the country. In Indonesia, the brand managed to sell 40,000 units in first 21 minutes of launch becoming a triple smartphone champion for the fastest sales growth.

Such impressive sales performances have proven that Realme is indeed a ‘Dark Horse’ in the smartphone industry. The brand’s product line-up has also achieved rave reviews from international media, like Forbes, GSMArena, Android Authority and other media. Across the board, it is known to hold its own in terms of design, software, cameras, and price range.

Realme Pakistan

It’s obvious with the tagline Proud to be Young that Realme is focused on becoming a dedicated smartphone brand for the younger generation, bringing together best-in-class performance coupled with contemporary style. Realme products have been recognized for its “Power and Style” and has been received with flying colours.

With the launch taking place soon, we and you will have to wait just a little bit longer to get their hands on the anticipated smartphones. We’ll indeed keep you updated with everything about the Realme smartphones in the country. Just subscribe to our website and follow us on your favourite social platforms, facebook or twitter.

About Realme

Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The brand was officially established on May 4, 2018 (National Youth Day in China) by Sky Li (born Bingzhong Li) and other young individuals from various countries.

Realme focuses on user needs and presents products with both strong performance and trendy design in the broad context of e-commerce.

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