Huawei accidentally published P30’s March 26th Live Stream – Then Taken Down

Huawei P30 Live Stream

In the midst of uploading and sharing teaser videos for the flagship P30 series, Huawei seems to have loosen the grip of its launch event’s live-stream video.

Sure it’s not something that you could watch right now, because it’s a live stream which is supposed to start on a later date. So the date of the launch event is March 26th, when Huawei will be unveiling its latest photography genius smartphone.

According to a tipster, the notification email was received from YouTube on the event when a live stream started by Huawei Mobile. It was a live stream titled “Huawei Mobile is live now: Huawei P30 Global Launch”.

It’s understandable as the date is getting closer, Huawei might be preparing for the event. They must do, but the thing is to take care about everything they want to protect from going public. If it wasn’t a live event, but a pre-recorded video instead, it would go out like always leaked videos appear on the web.

Huawei P30 Live Stream
Thumbnail in the above photo was changed as the link was quickly removed from YouTube.

If you are someone who never uploaded content on YouTube, you might be wondering what happened. So there is big factor of handling new YouTube uploads, to take care of the privacy of the video you are just going to upload. There are four of them – Public, Unlisted, Private, or Scheduled.

However when you start a live stream on YouTube, the default option is always “Private”, it’s really funny that Huawei switched it to “Public” before publishing the stream. That’s when YouTube send notifications to all subscribers of the channel via email. If you had subscribed to Huawei’s YouTube channel, you must have received the notification via email.

It’s just a week ahead when we will be witnessing the Huawei P30 series. Let us know below with your feedback.

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