Huawei’s Roadmap Developer Plan and Echosystem for HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS Roadmap

We know that Huawei has unveiled its HarmonyOS at its developer conference in China, with four technical features that define the operating system. The company also has provided the roadmap for developer plan and its ecosystem development.

The success of HarmonyOS will depend on a dynamic ecosystem of apps and developers. To encourage broader adoption, Huawei will release HarmonyOS as an open-source platform, worldwide. Huawei will also establish an open-source foundation and an open-source community to support more in-depth collaboration with developers.

China is home to a strong app ecosystem and a massive user base. Moving forward, Huawei will lay the foundations for HarmonyOS in the Chinese market, and then expand it further to the global ecosystem.

With a focus on providing new and unique value, Huawei will open up and share its core capabilities in areas like connectivity, cameras, and AI. It will work closely with ecosystem partners to deliver apps and services that provide consumers with the best possible experience and bring new life to the industry.

HarmonyOS will bring new benefits to consumers, equipment vendors, and developers.

  • For consumers, it will bring a cohesive and powerful intelligent experience across all aspects of their lives.
  • For equipment vendors, it will help them gain a first-mover advantage in the age of holistic intelligent experience, where 5G, AI, and IoT will see explosive growth.
  • For developers, it will give opportunity to win over more users with less investment, and rapidly innovate services across all scenarios.

The new OS comes with a new multi-device IDE, multi-language unified compilation, and a distributed architecture kit. The IDE supports both drag-and-drop control and preview-oriented visual programming. Most importantly it relies on the ideology of “develop once and deploy on multiple platforms automatically”.

In simple words, this allows developers to build apps more efficiently. So that the developers can code once and deploy the final apps across multiple devices. That too with creating a tightly integrated ecosystem across all user devices.

The evolution roadmap for HarmonyOS and its kernel is straight forward. HarmonyOS 1.0 will be first adopted in its smart screen products, which are due to launch later this year.

Over the next three years, HarmonyOS will be optimized and gradually adopted across a broader range of smart devices, including wearables, HUAWEI Vision, and head units for your car. Starting tomorrow, on August 10th, the new HarmonyOS (HongmengOS in China) will first be appeared in Honor Smart Screen TV

HarmonyOS 2.0 will come year with enhanced performance, more features for IDE and addition of more platform such as Cars (in China), PC, Smartwatches and other wearables such as fitness bands.

HarmonyOS 3.0 will see the light in 2021 that will focus to improve hardware and software optimization with the OS.

Richard You, the CEO said:

“We believe HarmonyOS will revitalize the industry and enrich the ecosystem. Our goal is to bring people a truly engaging and diverse experience. We want to invite developers from around the world to join us as we build out this new ecosystem. Together, we will deliver an intelligent experience for consumers in all scenarios.”

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