Here is how, you can get most out of Huawei Y9s

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Actually it’s how you can get creative with the Huawei Y9s

If you haven’t get your hands-on with the Huawei Y9s (review) then here is why you should get it. Or if you have already bought it then here is how you can get creative with it.

The Huawei Y9s is more than just your everyday smartphone with its feature backed performance. You can actually do some really cool things with great ease. Here are some of our ideas:

Show Your Style with Premium Glass Build

We all love to hang out with friends and family. But, before you head out for one, make sure to style yourself as breathtakingly as the phone itself. Huawei Y9s comes in amazing colors of Breathing Crystal and Midnight Black. You can get a perfect shade to match your personalized style. Be it a day event or a night party, its premium quality, and glass build will flourish.

Get Huawei Y9s

Don’t Miss a Shot with 48MP Triple AI Camera

Love taking photos but struggle with complicated settings? On the Huawei Y9s, it’s a lot easier than you think. Thanks to its powerful 48MP Triple AI camera setup, which houses a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 2MP Depth camera, you are guaranteed a perfect shot every time. The AI can also recognize what you are trying to take a picture of, automatically adjusting all the settings (up to 22 kids and more than 500 scenes), while the AI-powered Night Mode promises well-lit photos even when there is no light. This means that you can get those stunning photos of the city skyline or scenic shots thanks to the Ultra-Wide angle camera.

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And if you worry about taking too many photos or videos, with 128GB of solid storage which can be expanded to 512GB with a microSD card, you’re never running out of space.

Flaunt with the Cool Pop-up 16MP AI Selfie Camera

Gone are the selfie cameras that occupy space on your display. The Huawei Y9s has hidden the front camera in the top edge of the phone, only popping up when needed and clearing up the display. The 16MP AI Selfie Camera is packed with AI as well such as AI Backlit Imaging which ensures your selfies are well lit. You can also add some rich studio-like effects for that final touch, thanks to the 3D Portrait Lighting feature. Both front and back cameras come with Adaptive AI Beauty, which enhances your facial features for a more stunning result.

Get Huawei Y9s

Record a Video Like Never Before

Want to record your adrenaline-fueled bike ride down a hill or even record your pet running around the house? Along with the powerful cameras, the Huawei Y9s’ EIS Anti-Shake feature will ensure that the video you record is well stabilized, adding the touch of a seasoned director while making it enjoyable to watch. Want to slow down time to capture every second? The Huawei Y9s can do that too, with the Super Slow-Motion feature which slows down the video by 16 times.

The Glorious Full View Display with No Interruption of Infamous Notch

Love watching your favorite series, movies or a lot of videos on your phone? This means you would need a display that lets you completely immerse yourself in what you are doing. By removing notches and bezels, the Huawei Y9s boasts the Huawei Ultra FullView Display. The real full view 6.59-inch screen with Full HD+ resolution is really good for gaming and video playback. In addition, it has got the power of the Kirin 710F and GPU Turbo 3.0.

Not only does it provide a premium viewing experience, but it also complements the Huawei Y9s’ glass body design complete with 3D Arc Design. To top it off, the phone is super-slim as well, making it easier to hold during long uses, while the fingerprint sensor is moved out of the way to the side, allowing for even more display area.

There is a lot more you can do with the Huawei Y9s, your imagination is the limit. You don’t have to worry if the phone can take it either. With its powerful hardware, 4000mAh battery and optimized EMUI 9.1 software, the Huawei Y9s is designed to deliver the best user experience. To prove just how good the photos can turn out, Huawei partnered up with 9lines for a fun editorial shoot using the true 48MP rear camera of Huawei Y9s.

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