PUBG player in India lost 1.6 million from parents’ bank accounts

PUBG Mobile Ban in Pakistan

An Indian PUBG addict boy has reportedly lost his parent’s Rs 16 lakh by purchasing in-app items from the game. The boy kept deleting transaction messages to avoid suspicion. After all the scenario was revealed, the boy has now reportedly been put to work on a scooter repair shop where the father earned the money and saved for medical expenses.

Reports from India revealed that the 17-year-old Khagar, Punjab-based boy had used to play the popular battle royale style game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, mostly known as PUBG, and buy in-app items including artillery, passes for tournaments, and virtual ammunition.

According to the report, the boy told his parents that he would use the phone for studying online. So he had permission to use the smartphone that also had the parents’ bank account and card details saved on it. While knowing the fact, the boy would instead play PUBG Mobile and keep buying in-app items over a month’s period.

The boy’s father told the local press that he only came to know the fact when he reviewed the bank statement later. He said, because boy used to make transactions from the game and delete the notification messages from the bank.

The father also told that he has an illness and he was saving money for his treatment. Let alone the money saved for medical expenses, the boy also stole his mother’s provident fund until it emptied as well as his own account.

Pakistan has recently put a temporary ban on PUBG game after when it was reported to have attributed with suicide cases. The permanent decision of the ban will be made by the court next week. However, the mobile version of the said game has run through multiple controversies and banned in several countries. In fact, multiple cities in India also had banned PUBG where police had also arrested around 20 people for playing the game illegally.

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