Four of the features, Vivo V20 can make you buy it

Vivo V20 Top Features

Discovering new and exciting features in your phone can be thrilling and these features allow you to experience your phone in a way you haven’t done before. vivo’s latest launch, vivo V20 in Pakistan is no exception.

A phone with an industry-leading 44MP Eye Autofocus selfie camera and sleek body comes with more surprises to add to your vivo flagship experience. And we are going to tell you some hidden or yet to discovered features of the vivo V20 so you can use the phone to its full extent and let you #bethefocusalways!


The Vivo V20 comes with different kinds of turbo modes to boost the performance of the phone while doing various heavy-duty activities like binge-watching and defeating your friend in an intense game.

Multi-Turbo has been updated with an optimized ART++ Turbo and a host of other exciting features. The accompanying performance leap will take your breath away.

  • Game Turbo offers Game Highway feature which creates an express channel for games and also re-prioritizes computing and memory resources. The overall frame drop rate is reduced by 30%.
    What’s in it for you? It makes the gaming experience smoother and allows you to fully indulge in the battlefield!
  • ART++ Turbo accelerates app activation and switching. Estimated system lag is reduced by 31%.
Vivo V20 Multi Turbo
Multi-Turbo Illustration – Vivo

What’s in it for you? Provides better browsing and scrolling experience. And you know a smooth scroll means a smooth life!

  • AI Pre-loading can predict app activation strategy to launch your frequently used third-party apps 20% faster

What’s in it for you? Reduce the time between switching and relaunching the apps, which makes the device faster.

Ultra-Game Mode

You can now block notifications of all your apps and messages to minimize disturbances, enable Accidental Touch Prevention to ensure precise control and lock the brightness to enjoy the optimal visual effects. Plus, an adaptive frame rate and temperature allocate the required resources of the CPU to the game in a smart way.

Harness all the potential of your phone’s hardware with the newly updated Ultra Game Mode, and go all out in every field of virtual warfare.

Vivo V20 Ultra Game Mode
Illustration Ultra Game Mode – Vivo

What’s in it for you? Let’s users have a seamless gaming experience. A phone that understands the little things that make gaming easier and much more fun!

Dynamic Sky

Your image, your rule! Change the sky as you like, from rain to bright sunshine and back. Or make it move along your lines, adding animated backgrounds to still images.
What’s in it for you? It allows the user to play with photographs in their own way and explore their inner shutterbug.

Vivo V20 Dynamic Sky
Fig: Without and With Dynamic Sky Effect (provided by Vivo)

Memory Recaller – HD Restoration

Travel back in time and bring moments long passed fully back to life. Memory Recaller can restore clarity in fuzzy old images instantly, and its smart colouring tool can further revitalize and enhance colours.
What’s in it for you? Let’s cherish your treasured memories without compromising the quality of the images.

Vivo V20 Memory Recall
‘Memory Recaller’ (OFF) – ‘Memory Recaller’ (ON) (provided by Vivo)

The Vivo V20 definitely keeps on surprising us as we use it more and more. The smartphone is jampacked with a leading camera and design features such as the extraordinary 44MP Eye Autofocus selfie camera and host of other features like slo-mo video and Steadiface Selfie video!

The phone is not a step back even in the performance department as it carries a 4000 mAh battery with 33W FlashCharge allowing your super V20 to replenish its battery to 65% before you finish your tea break – in just 30 minutes. We hope this comprehensive list helps you in exploring these stellar vivo V20 features.

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