Vivo X60 Pro’s Gimbal Stabilization put to extreme test in company’s official footage


Vivo X60 Pro is all in the news for its camera capability. The camera hardware and its features are with no doubt unprecedented. When combined together, they should actually give the users mind-blowing results. With all that on paper, Vivo wants you to witness the X60 Pro’s camera power in real action.

The Chinese smartphone maker has released a stunning footage shot on X60 Pro. It’s an experiment to test the gimbal system of the phone to an extreme. The company performed four tests for four use cases in different environments. The company labels each test with a jitter index for reference. I think it’s best for the Vivo fans to watch it for themselves and give feedback.

The cinematic footage (video after the break) starts with the title “Testing the real performance of Gimbal Stabilization 2.0”. It moves on to the test subject, an actual stunt cameraman – Kyle Shaprio, who’s shown turning on the “standard stabilization” mode on the X60 Pro. And then, the action starts with a question mark “Can X60 Pro pass the most extreme tests?” For reference, Vivo also used another phone called as “ordinary phone”.

Test 1: Running

Vivo X60 Pro Gimbal test
Screengrab /Vivo official footage

For this test, the action is filmed on the top of a tall standing sky scrapper somewhere in the world. The cameraman runs with the two phones in a hand filming a couple of actors. The cameraman is also shown jumping and flipping around to film the action sequence. The heavily invested footage only runs for a couple of seconds.

Test 2: Motorcycling

Vivo X60 Pro All-Terrain Vechicle
Screengrab /Vivo official footage

In this test, the cameraman sits on the back of an ATV carrying the two phones screwed together on a handheld bracket. The vehicle chases the motorcycles running on what looks like a beach. The test passes with the standard stabilization ON.

Test 3: Wave in a motorboat

Vivo X60 Pro Motorboat
Screengrab /Vivo official footage

The cameraman sits on a motorboat that drives through the waves. With heavily shaking waves, Vivo labels this test with a jitter index of 4. The footage comes out as impressive with a smooth action sequence.

Test 4: Airflow

Vivo X60 Pro Skydiving
Screengrab /Vivo official footage

This experiment is the most difficult challenge among the four. Vivo labels this test with a jitter index of 5. Sure the airflow is really challenging in skydiving. Vivo accepts this challenge take the X60 in the air. To handle the strong airflow, Vivo X60 Pro needs the “ultra” stabilization mode in effect.

Watch Yourself – Vivo X60 Pro Gimbal Stabilization 2.0

Watch the video for yourself and give your feedback.

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