Vivo X70 to features in-house Image Signal Processor, V1 – A Vivo Tablet coming next year

Vivo V1 - Image Signal Processor

Vivo has officially confirmed that the company has built its in-house image signal processor for its devices. Hu Baishan, the VP of Vivo, confirmed in an interview with the Chinese media.

While revealing the Vivo X70 series to launch in September, the executive confirmed the series will feature the company’s proprietary Vivo V1 ISP. He told about the company’s future project and hinted about a Vivo tablet in development which you can see in the first half of next year.

Talking about IoT (or internet of things), the VP disclosed that the company is implementing a 1+3+N strategy – one core smartphone, controlling three peripheral devices, connected to n numbers of (or many) other smart devices. This is similar to Huawei’s 1+2+1 and Realme’s 1+4+N IoT strategies.

Hu Baishan, vivo VP and vivo China President

The VP also revealed the idea of keeping users in the same ecosystem makes the overall experience better. It attracts customers to buy the same company’s products and accessories such as headphones, watches, tablets, or any other devices to come in the future. Hu specifically mentioned Apple as an example of keeping its customers in its own closed loop.

When asked if the company has plans of making TVs, the VP firmly told that the company has no such plans of entering this market for a long time. However, he reiterated that the company’s next targeted product is the tablet which is already in development.

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