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We are covering the Cricket Companion today. As most of the people will already have an idea about the app, but the World Cup 2011 is just about to enter in quarter finals so we are just refreshing the event of this World Cup and let you remind about this app. If you are still not having it, sure you are missing a great opportunity of having all that stuff in your pocket for which you only have another option to sit in front of your TV. Hardly there would be any other app which could have given you that much detail about the cricket matches going on and would keep you up to date with current state of the match.

The features of the app are just not ignorable. Even I am not sure if I could be able to cover each and every element of the app, they are that long in depth. The best thing about the app is that it was developed by our talented Pakistanis and it has been featured of the time on Ovi Store. Just look at the following screen shot.

We are going to give a very brief overview of the app. But you can skip reading and jump to gallery below and just try the app yourself, download link provided after the break

Front Screen

Dashboard Screen

The very main dashboard screen gives you the option to get into your desired field of corner. The options include Current Matches, WC 2011, Recent Matches, Schedule, Results, News and Cricket Genius.

You also get navigational Menu and an Exit option on the main screen.

Menu gives you access to open selected options, to settings, giving feedback etc.

Current MatchesCurrent Matches

Obviously this section gives you the full information and keeps you updated with the current state of the play. Tells you about each and every next ball and what happened on that ball. Will tell you if it was Clean Bold or it was a Run Out. Live Commentary is published for each ball and happenings. Notifications are another part of the app which keeps you updated even when you are doing some thing else on your phone. it will notify you with vibration and alert tones.


Complete Overview of the Tournament

You will have access to the information consisting of current ranking and standings of the teams in the tournament. Like in World Cup 2011, the app will provide you the card showing teams in groups until the Group matches are over.

Every thing is live so you will get instant updates.

Recent Matches

Results/Recent Matches

Recent Matches section is useful to review the match details which have been played in recent past. Well the section is divided exactly categorizing the matches as they were played. e.g. Team 1 vs Team 2.

Results/Recent Series

This section provides the results of current tournament and as well the brief overview of recent series has been played earlier.

News Section


News section provides detailed information about stuff related to the tournament but being in News section the information can be about any thing like as deeper as related to the individual player or individual team. Which can be any thing e.g. What’s going on backstage. Who needs what to rank upside. Who is fit and who is not able to play next match. etc. etc.

A lot more other Stuff

There is a lot more other details which the app is currently providing. You must check that your self or you will be missing something which is really a need for a cricket lover On-the-Go

Download the app



You can download right from your phone. Open any Mobile Bar Code reader on your phone and take the following code into frame. The reader will take care of the else part and will take you to the download page.

Mobile Code

Or just click here to download from Ovi Store

Leave your comments below and let us know what do you feel about this app.

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