Nokia opens N9 – No Rooting, It’s just in Settings


Hacking your Nokia Phone, Rooting an Android or Jailbreaking an iOS device has always been like a research thing. You need to search around on the web to open your device with every next software update. So that you could install all of the stuff which is available out of the official app stores.

What if you don’t have to do all that hard work searching for the tutorials on the web? Thinking…. right? Yes! it would be awesome if your device let you do any thing you want it to do.

Well we are still wondering about Nokia N9’s availability in Pakistan. But you can proceed on reading below how Nokia N9 is open to consumers

Here is how Nokia opens N9 for you to do that.

Settings > Applications > Installation Settings > Allow Installation from Non-Store sources

After turning on the feature, you just need to install any repository and it’s done.

Aenertia had an interview with John from Nokia who is informing about the ease of development and open features in new Nokia N9. Watch the video below.

Thanks for sharing the video.


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