Review: Ludo – “An ancient board game into your mobile”


Once again we are going to tell you about another mobile game which has been developed by Pakistani developers. As we promised we’ll try to bring the applications and games from vast majority of categories for either of the mobile platforms. And this time it’s again from Nokia Store.

Ludo - A board game

Overview of “Ludo” in Real World

“Ludo” is one of the most favourite and mostly played board games specially in Pakistan as well as in India and many other countries as well. Of course like many other games, Ludo is also played with different approaches and different variants from one region to another. In fact we, at home, play it adopting various rules – everyone here wants to play with as strict rules as applicable. I really don’t think if you are an Asian and you may need to have it explained as what is it and how does it work. But if simply you don’t have an idea about it then it’s a board game with four pieces for each player (up-to four players) and you have to roll a die or a couple of dice (depending on your applied rules) to move a piece forward. You can capture pieces of your opponent while taking the purpose in mind to finish the game by bringing all of your pieces back home. You do it first – You win.

“Ludo”: The Mobile Game

Tricast Media developed the mobile game “Ludo” to provide you the virtual environment of the same board game with a single die (single die supported as for now) and four players can play at once from different devices. Yes the game supports and provides multi-player ground via Bluetooth or via Internet Connection. As well as you can play with the “Boss” (“Boss” is the computer player when you choose to play alone with the Computer.)

I guess that will be more appealing if I put some screen shots here to show how the game works in your mobile phone.

(X7 is creating a new game named "Ludo", while N8 on the other side can see and join "Ludo" as 3 of the 4 seats are free to join.)

As appeared in above screen, I used Nokia N8 and Nokia X7 side by side to demonstrate the multi-player game-play via Bluetooth. Both the opponents are well informed about the next turn and about every turn played. e.g. “You” will be informed that what came up when “I” rolled the the die and what piece I moved on with and then it’s your turn – the same way “I” will be informed about your activity. Well that’s pretty much for a game to be mature.

— download links after the break —

(X7 is being offered to approve or reject the request initiated by N8 and X7 accepts that.)

(N8 got a six on die role and made a first move)

(In another turn X7 got the six and made the first move)

(X7 and N8 continues to play with each of their turns)

(N8 has just captured X7's piece)


The graphics and the appearance of the game are good as they reflect the original colours of the game and I must appreciate the game-play being as mature as most of the rules and features of the game I know has been implemented. And I do congratulate Tricast Media for making such an apps and games like Cricket Companion and Ludo which really are useful and playful.

The thing I didn’t like was that it’s been developed in Java hence I didn’t find it that much interactive when it came to fill up forms for registering names etc. I hope that Tricast Media will think over it and try to get some more impressive solution to it. But of course this doesn’t deny the full fledge functionality of the game. It serves what it’s supposed to serve.

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Wait! find the links below to download Ludo.


Ludo Classic and Ludo are just same in version and functionality. The only difference is the board design/layout. Above screen shots were taken from the Ludo Classic. Take a look at following screen shots taken from “Ludo” – the other variant of the game. Download according to your choice.


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